Starting Price: $510.00

(800 square feet, or 20’ x 40’ or smaller)
During our pool opening service, our technicians will:

  • Remove debris from cover, remove and stow cover in customer’s cover bag
  • Remove winterizing plugs, reconfigure pumps and equipment for use
  • Prime and start main pump, filter, heater*, cleaner pump and cleaner (Polaris etc.)
  • Check operation of installed equipment and lights
  • Install ladders and rails
  • Vacuum pool and attached spa or skim and leaf-net as appropriate
  • Provide and install balancing chemicals

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Basic Pool Opening Package

We will schedule the pool opening sometime during the week that you select from the menu. You do NOT have to be home. Pool opening service must be paid prior to opening. Please note that pool service dates are subject to availability and weather delays. You can also leave us a note in the “additional information” box at the checkout page with any details that you would like us to know about your pool.
Does your pool have any of the following? Please check all that apply.
These services will be added to the Basic Opening Service.

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A Note Regarding Pool Openings & Closings

A Pool Opening and Closing service from ASP is defined as a two-person team that can perform the above work in 90 minutes or less of onsite time for the service. The typical swimming pool that falls within this scope and cost of work is generally constructed with a circulation pump, filter, heater, 2 skimmers, and may include a cleaner pump.

If your swimming pool is of larger size (800+ square feet) or has additional equipment, it may create additional charges. Services do not include any raised beams or walls, water features, or any other special features that would require attention at the time of the opening or closing service.

Pools with excessive amounts of algae, organic waste, or of a dark-green color may not be eligible for a normal opening, but may require a recovery or a drain-and-clean procedure.

If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool is outside the scope of what has been defined by ASP for a Standard Pool Opening service (stated above) and may be subject to additional charges, please contact us at