Starting Price: $510.00

(800 square feet, or 20’ x 40’ or smaller)
During our pool closing service, our technician will:

  • Remove debris and leaves from cover, pool, and deck
  • Brush and skim the pool
  • Empty skimmers and pump baskets (we do not open robot vacuums)
  • Blow lines and winterize equipment
  • Plug all lines in pool and skimmers
  • Provide and install winterizing chemicals including pool-safe antifreeze in low points
  • Clean DE grids or cartridges (if applicable)
  • Install safety cover for pool closing

Basic Pool Closing Package

Does your pool have any of the following? Please check all that apply.
These services will be added to the Basic Pool Closing Service.
Additional services highly recommended at time of closing. Please check all requested.
Prices are only valid at the time of closing.

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A Note Regarding Pool Openings & Closings

A Pool Opening and Closing service from ASP is defined as a two-person team that can perform the above work in 50 minutes or less of onsite time for each specific service. The typical swimming pool that falls within this scope and cost of work is generally constructed with a single pump, filter, heater, and 2 skimmers. If your swimming pool is of larger size (800+ square feet) or has additional equipment, it may create additional charges. Services do not include any raised beams or walls, water features, spa features or any other special features that would require additional attention at the time of the opening or closing service.

If you feel that the nature of your swimming pool is outside the scope of what has been defined by ASP for a Standard Pool Opening and Closing service (stated above) and may be subject to additional charges, please contact us.